Learning Center

Learning Center Program Elements

The Learning Center is a multimedia educational facility equipped with 30 online computer terminals. Staff and fully credentialed LAUSD Belmont Adult Day School instructors are available for student guidance towards goal completion and Individual Learning Plan development.


Academic and professional program services include:

  • Microsoft (MOS) certification for Office 2003 software programs, including MS Word, MS Excel, and MS Access
  • Basic math and English skills instruction
  • Computer/typing literacy
  • Graphic arts/design
  • Business Marketing & Retail   
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) classes
  • Literacy tutoring
  • GED preparation
  • Specialized vocational services 

The Learning  Center is available for individuals participating in a URM recovery program, as well as alumni of URM recovery programs. Men in our recovery program are required to complete 400 hours of time in the Learning Center over the course of their 12- month recovery program.


Additional vocational education and trade support, such as janitorial services certification, provided through direct instruction or referrals to community partner programs.


Educational needs and disparities among the homeless population

One of the greatest needs we address is that of education—a barrier to independence that can we overcome together with guidance and motivation. Consider the following:


  • In Los Angeles, 1.8-million adults cannot read, and another 1.8-million adults are only able to read at the second lowest level of literacy; 27% of adults in Los Angeles do not have sufficient reading skills.(i)
  • CA is ranked 44th in the U.S. for adult literacy rates.(ii)
  • Only about half of homeless adults are high school graduates.(iii)
  • The Metro area of Los Angeles (including downtown and West Hollywood) has a 25.6% public high school dropout rate, compared to a rate of 14.8% for L.A. County.(iv)

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(vi)Name has been changed to protect privacy; all other aspects of this success story are true.