Emergency Services


One of the nation's largest provider of continuous emergency shelter services, URM provides comprehensive care for men, women, and children who are experiencing homelessness.

A person's first point of contact with URM is with our Emergency (Guest) Services, where their immediate physical needs are met. Our day rooms provide shelter and rest from the streets. Guests can sign up for beds, eat three meals a day, take showers and get haircuts, pick out fresh clothes, and receive medical care. Counseling from our staff is also available to guests, regarding options to join our recovery programs or to utilize other service providers in the area.

Emergency Services Include:

  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Clothing
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Clinics
  • Day Center
  • Hospitality Center
  • Individual Assessment/Counseling
  • Life Management Classes
  • Spiritual Encouragement


Our Mission serves an average of 3,000 warm, nutritious meals daily, available three times a day, every day of the year. Taking care of the special needs of children, food arrangements can be made for infant formula and baby food to be given and sack lunches to be taken to school.


Each night hundreds of men, women and children find a warm bed safe from danger-filled streets.  We house an average of 924 men, women, and children each night, including an average of 62 families.

Emergency Guest Services:
Single Men: 247
Single Women: 182
Parents: 58 Children: 91

Program/Transitional Services:
Single Men: 217
Single Women: 16
Mothers: 30
Children: 60

Permanent Supportive Housing:
Senior Women: 22

Total Number of Emergency Beds: 682

Total Number of Program/Transition Beds: 390

Total Number of Permanent Supportive Beds: 22


People experiencing homelessness receive critically needed clothing through donations made by friends of the Mission. (Find out how you can donate clothing and other items.)

Personal Hygiene

Restrooms, hot showers, and personal hygiene supplies are all available-including diapers.


In partnership with caring universities, Union Rescue Mission provides primary medical health care services, essential dental care, professional mental health services, and full-time legal aid counseling.

Day Center

Separate enclosed courtyards and spacious indoor assembly areas provide a safe, caring environment for hundreds of men, women and children to spend their crucial daylight hours when they have no place else to call home.

Family Community Center

We offer a special place where mothers and their children can get off the streets and enjoy one-on-one interaction, through reading, games, toys, puzzles, and crafts. Some simply need a quiet place to give a tired toddler a nap or rock a baby to sleep.

Hospitality Center

Scheduling a job interview, applying for aid, saving money, or enrolling a child in school are virtually impossible without an address or telephone number. The Hospitality Center helps homeless individuals make these important first steps by providing mail, telephone, and banking services.

Individual Assessment and Counseling

Each individual's unique circumstances are assessed by caring counselors who provide assistance and referrals for employment, housing, government aid, substance abuse recovery, and other services.

"I don't want to die out there on the streets. I believe I have something to offer. It makes a difference knowing people care. If someone cares enough to make sure I have a bed, food, and clothes, I have a reason - a responsibility - to make the best of it."

~Leonard, previous URM guest

Life Management Classes

Classes are offered by trained staff and community volunteers that address a variety of critical needs including substance abuse recovery, vocational guidance, positive parenting, nutrition education, and financial management.

Spiritual Encouragement

Daily chapel services, Bible studies, and discipleship programs offer the new hope and healing essential to building new lives.