Scott Johnson


Vice President of Operations/COO 

Since 2003, Scott Johnson has offered effective leadership of health and safety, food, and program services. In a recent promotion to Vice President of Operations/Chief Operations Officer position, Scott now oversees all of these functions at Union Rescue Mission. He is responsible for the development and implementation of the entire Safety, Security, Transportation, Dietary, Gift in Kinds, Custodial and Local and International Outreach Programs of Union Rescue Mission.

In addition to these essential functions, Scott works as a liaison for Union Rescue Mission with local community groups and city government, developing wonderful relationships in the community. Scott is currently a board member on the Los Angeles Community Police Advisory Board, member of the Los Angeles Police Department Homeless Task Force Committee, board member on Police Activities League, chairman of the Safety Committee, as well as chairman and founder of Los Angeles Central Security Managers Collaborative.

Prior to his work at Union Rescue Mission, Scott served for three years as Guest Service Manager for Resort Security Operations at the Anaheim Disneyland Resort. In this position, he provided complete supervision of entire resort operations. His previous career history also includes: site manager at Healthcare Security Services in Brea, California; security specialist for Inmrammicro in Fullerton, California; and safety/security/disaster coordinator for Martin Luther Hospital/La Palma Intercommunity Hospital in Anaheim, California.