Stories from Skid Row

Seeds of Hope

Escaping the streets of Skid Row can be a difficult journey. We want to make the path easier by helping men transition from homelessness and addiction to a transformed life. Our recovery program — Seeds of Hope — is a crucial first step on their way to becoming productive members of society again.

See how men are following this Christian, 12-Step-based program that can lead to complete life transformation. And see how your generous support is changing lives, one seed of hope at a time.


More Stories from Skid Row

  • Seeds of Hope

    Escaping the streets of Skid Row can be a difficult journey. We want to make the path easier by helping men transition from homelessness.

  • Tommy

    Addicted to drugs and alcohol, Tommy used to live on the streets of Skid Row. But then he came to Union Rescue Mission and God changed his life.

  • Andy

    Rev. Andy Bales, CEO of Union Rescue Mission, spent one night on Skid Row. And on the toughest street on Skid Row, no less. His exact words were, “Hell on earth.”

  • Robert

    Robert lived on the streets of Skid Row for months, surrounded by despair and destitution. One day he prayed for God to take away his desire for drugs.

  • John K

    John Kennelly, a high-level executive at Toyota, never gave Skid Row or Union Rescue Mission a second thought until a brief visit a few years ago changed his life.

  • Kat

    Kat spent 20 years doing drugs until she found the courage and help to turn her life around. See how this single mom kept her family together.

  • Pops

    Pops went from being one of the deadliest drug dealers on the streets to handing out supplies and wisdom to men looking for a new life off the streets.

  • Jose

    For years, Jose's life was scarred by stuttering and crippling drug addiction — all because of a painful secret he hid from everyone since childhood.

  • Maurice

    15-year-old Maurice dreams of being a pilot someday, but his dream seemed far away last Christmas when his family had no place to live.

  • Will Nicklas

    “The Way Home…” Perhaps there are no better means to finding ‘the way home’ than having steady employment.

  • Chef Larry

    URM’s Chef Larry struggled with homelessness in Pasadena for six years before discovering God’s perfect recipe for a transformed life.

  • Al

    Union Rescue Mission rescued Al from a life of adversity and addiction, and gave him the family and love he never had before.

  • Alex and Marty

    URM's Programs helped Alex and Marty overcome their addictions and reconnect with their families.

  • Michelle

    Michelle is the eldest of 5 children who lives with her mom and siblings at Union Rescue Mission.

  • Ralph and Tokoyo

    Ralph and his son, Tokoyo struggled with homelessness for five years after Hurricane Katrina robbed them of everything.

  • Yemi

    We hope you will take a moment to watch a short video of Yemi as she shares what Easter means to her.

  • Winter Shelters Part 2

    We knew this day would come but it doesn't make it any easier - the closing of the Winter Shelters.

  • Winter Shelters

    The winter refuge we provide for people who have no home.

  • Febe

    Febe, a single mom of two, came to Union Rescue Mission when she had to leave her home due to family issues.

  • The Christmas Story

    Kiera tells us the story of the nativity.

  • Joe

    Joe walks us through his average day and his back story.

  • The Guzmans

    Aura and Albert never expected to find themselves experiencing homelessness.

  • Chef David

    Thanks to generous people like you, David and other men just like him are learning that God is the Master Chef who can transform their lives.

  • Marcus

    Meet Marcus as he walks us through Christmas in July.

  • Raymond

    Raymond decides to make a positive difference in the Skid Row community.

  • Robyn

  • Daniel

    After reaching the brink of death, hope.

  • Sandra

    Sandra walks through an average day at the Glendale Winter Shelter

  • Beatriz

    Beatriz and her family transition to Hope Gardens.

  • Serwa

    Serwa talks about her brush with homelessness.

  • Kenneth

    A glimpse into the life of Kenneth.

  • Andy - CLDP

    Andy, a recent graduate of the Christian Life Discipleship Program, talks about his life now and where he's been.

  • Lucy

    Lucy introduces us to her life on the streets.

  • Jackie & Ella

    A mother and daughter face the reality of losing their home.

  • Nancy

    A student gives her perspective on homelessness.

  • John

    The new face of homelessness.

  • Eric

    Once homeless, 15-year-old Eric is now proud to be the Senior Patrol Leader of his Boy Scout troop sponsored by Union Rescue Mission.

  • Rev. Andy Bales, CEO

    Meet Andy Bales, CEO of Union Rescue Mission. Hear his personal testimony and see his heart for the homeless of Los Angeles.

  • Alex

    Alex Cornejo once thought his life was over. But today he's connecting a passion for helping others with a vibrant new purpose for his life.

  • Tom

    Tom talks about how tough it is on the streets.

  • Betty

    86-year-old Betty left home and ventured into Los Angeles' dangerous streets to find her missing daughter. She was not prepared for what she found.

  • Carolyn

    Carolyn tries to explain homelessness to her children.

  • Shannon

    Shannon is one of many mothers who have been given the opportunity to transform their children's future at Hope Gardens.

  • Carol

    Once a Mission donor, Carol now sleeps on bunk #153.

  • Chase

    Chase reflects on his life last Christmas.

  • Carlos

    Carlos aids the people of Skid Row with the Water Walk

  • Serwa (Part2)

    Serwa moves into her own place.